British Government approves largest biomass energy plant


The £500m Tees Renewable Energy Plant, located at Teesport (England), being developed by British company MGT Power has received consent from the British Government.

FUENTE – Renewable Energy Magazine – 16/07/09

The 295 MW Tees Renewable Energy Plant will be one of the largest biomass plants to be built in the world and is expected to enter commercial operation in late 2012.

Chris Moore, director of MGT Power said, “The Government’s consent is welcome news as we are at an advanced stage with forestry establishment for fuel sourcing, and power plant procurement. We are moving towards an early construction start… our Teesport project is currently two years ahead of the pack and likely to be one of the first to be operational. It comes at a time when replacement UK energy generation capacity is urgently needed.”

The biomass feedstock for the Tees Renewable Energy Plant will be sourced from certified sustainable forestry projects developed by the MGT team and partners in North and South America and the Baltic States. These projects will provide clean burning woodchip, which delivers 95% greenhouse gas savings in comparison to coal or natural gas through the life cycle and will not use high quality land suitable for food crops.

“The Tees Renewable Energy Plant brings a range of economic and environmental benefits, not least creating new jobs at Teesport, and the use of clean technology will help reduce carbon emissions. Biomass generation, using sustainable sources, is starting to make a significant contribution to the UK’s energy market and will help us reach our renewable targets,” explained David Kidney MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary at the UK Department of Energy & Climate Change.

The plant will burn woodchip to generate electricity for the equivalent of 600,000 homes, 24 hours a day. It will produce the same amount of renewable electricity over a year as a 1,000 MW wind farm and will help to meet the UK’s renewable energy target of 20% by 2020, accounting for around 5.5% of the renewables target. It will save about 1.2million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.

The Tees Renewable Energy Plant will enter commercial operation in late 2012.



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