Self-sufficient solar capsule looks like a lunar habitat for earth


Recently we saw researchers at the Paragon Space Development Corporation develop a greenhouse which could be used to feed lunar astronauts on moon-grown veggies, and today we have a self-sufficient solar powered capsule that looks inspired from NASA’s lunar habitat. Designed by Menno Kroezen and Ross Lovegrove, the inventor of the stunning solar-powered trees, the Solar Capsule is a living space intended to be used in the energy starved and polluted world of tomorrow.


FUENTE – Ecofriend – 11/05/09

This system is to be placed half underground to provide better insulation and reduce required energy. The system uses liquid-cooled photovoltaic cells to process the reflected light from the parabolic dish on the outer shell of the double glazed capsules. Apart from providing energy to the inhabitants, sunlight is also used to grow vegetables and plants inside the capsule, which can be used to purify indoor air and also feed the occupants. The designer expects every 5 meters of the solar array to produce around 2KwP of electricity. The system is providing all of the required energy as well as creating a visually appealing and ever changing living environment.



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