High Efficiency/Low Temperature Geothermal System Implemented in Utah




FUENTE – Green Optimistic – 14/04/09

Geothermal energy is considered to be the ultimate energy source in terms of reliability. Since it doesn’t depend on day or night, or other external factor, it is practically undisturbable and has a huge potential. The US already has the world’s greatest geothermal energy usage, but the production points are limited to a few areas with very hot water, thus reducing its practical advantage over other energy sources and renders only 1% of the total energy production.

A company based in California, though, has found a solution to this issue and invented a geothermal extractor that doesn’t need the water to be very hot, but rather warm. The system works this way: the water enters the pipes and heats a low temperature boiling oil. This one is creating steam, that drives a turbine, creating electricity. The water is not wasted afterwards, but re-injected into the ground.



Author: Ovidiu



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