75% Efficient Solar Powered Air Conditioning System



Le Lievre, co-founder and former CEO of Ausra, now founder of Chromasun, is planning to launch a very efficient solar powered air conditioning system in the first quarter of 2010.


FUENTE – The Green Optimistic – 25/03/09

The big advantage of Chromasun’s AC is the over 75% efficiency and 95% less silicon than a conventional solar panel that normally converts 23% light energy into electricity.

It measures about 3m x 1.3m.

Nowadays, the environmental point of view is also sustained by economical reasons, lower electricity consumption meaning lower electricity bills.

The drawback of this solar powered air conditioner is that in cloudy days there might not be enough light to cool down the air in your house.

Anyway, it’s a great and useful green electronic device and it will lead to other even more efficient devices. The only aspect we have to keep into account is the list of materials contained in the device and how green they are – both energetically and environmentally.



Author: Florin




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