Cut Water Heater Use by 40% with the EcoDrain



One of my most shameful vices is taking long showers. But my shame could be at least partially relieved now that the EcoDrain is on sale. The simple heat exchange unit works by transferring heat from shower-waste water to incoming cold water.


FUENTE – Cleantechnica – 23/03/09

According to Marc Hoffman, EcoDrain’s Chief Product Designer, the heat exchange unit features “double wall of separation between fresh and waste water…plus an interior non-stick coating to prevent soap, hair or debris collecting inside.” EcoDrain also requires minimal maintenance since it contains no moving parts.

The company is currently working on building a distribution network, but for now you can contact EcoDrain directly for purchase inquiries. If you don’t want to wait for EcoDrain to hit stores, consider installing a greywater system to recycle your used shower/bath water into the toilet or garden.


Author: A. Schwartz


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