Quantum Dots…The Future of Solar?



A recent discovery shatters the notion that one photon can only excite one electron.  Researchers from the joint SLAC-Stanford Pulse Institute for Ultrafast Energy Science are on the move to boost solar cell efficiencies by confirming that a single photon can indeed excite more than one electrons in a quantum dot.  Are we at the cross roads of a new solar age?  


FUENTE – CleanTechnica – 12/03/09

By now we all know that there are inherent benefits to solar energy.  Sunlight is free, available throughout the globe and produces no greenhouse gases.  Solar power is limited, however, by inefficiencies that make it much more expensive that tradition power sources. This could all change thanks to new research that may one day boost solar efficiencies to a level never thought possible.   

The recent PULSE experiments use ‘quantum dots’, tiny spheres composed of a few thousand atoms, to boost electron interactions by concentrating the electrons into a extremely small area.  Researchers found that with quantum dots, 1 photon can excite up to 3 electrons depending on the sunlight’s color.  These results mean that solar cell processes could be as much as one third more efficient if constructed with quantum dots.  

Although there are some difficult scientific and engineering feats to be conquered in the production of a solar cell with quantum dots, such a technology could one day revolutionize solar power.  Each day solar cell advances bring the technology closer to matching the price of tradition power sources.  Although the PULSE team is still in the early stages of research, I have a strong feeling that the quantum dot technology will be implemented in a new generation of solar cells.


Author: M. Ratliff


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